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Our program that enables you to start speaking, reading, & communicating Mandarin with confidence after the first hour itself. We teach 10x faster than existing conventional methods. Our classes are fast, fun, and based on brain-based research!

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5 Ways Speed Mandarin Helps You

1. You Learn 10x Faster

hear-and-play-still-3Normal Mandarin classes teach
25 characters in 10 hours.

At Speed Mandarin, we teach
25 characters in 1 hour.
(That’s 10 times faster!)

We teach you how to (1) read, (2) understand, and (3) communicate in daily conversations. Most importantly, we teach you how to retain them in your memory.

Our first course, the Essential Conversational Mandarin Course, has 12 lessons, 1 hour each. Here is a table illustrating the duration:

Frequency Finish by
1x/week 12 weeks / 3 months
2x/week 6 weeks / 1.5 months
3x/week 4 weeks / 1 month

Your Mandarin-speaking friends would all be amazed at your ability to hold up basic Mandarin conversations in just 1 to 3 months of learning.

2. You Save Thousands Of Hours

vietnamese-girlsAccording to an article by Wall Street Journal,

“Mandarin is notoriously difficult to learn. The language is tonal, and fluency requires mastering thousands of characters. Mandarin competence takes 2,200 class hours
…whereas Spanish can be learned in 600 to 750 class hours.”

That is a really, really long time, but it’s the normal rate at which people learn Mandarin.

Look no further. At our rate, we can teach you 3,000 characters (newspaper-reading level) in 120 class hours, instead of 2,200 hours. That’s 2080 hours saved. If you are a full-time worker, this is ideal for you.

Truly, we believe your time is valuable and we want to save it.

3. You Learn Easily

hear-and-play-still-1[5][4]Mandarin is well-known for being hard. Even Michael Phelps (Olympian who won the most medals) stated Mandarin is harder than winning eight gold medals.

“The language is so tough,” he said. “I started taking some Chinese lessons after learning French and German. After a while I could speak a little and understand a little. But all the words, characters and pronunciations in Mandarin are so different. All of them are hard to manage.”

Mandarin is indeed difficult using conventional methods, but we make it super easy, just for you.

4. You Learn Effectively

grace-still-1To learn an English word, you need to remember one thing: the meaning.

To learn a Mandarin character, you need to remember three things:

  1. the shape
  2. the sound/pinyin
  3. the meaning

Conventional centres would just tell you to simply memorize it. However, from our experience, memorization through repetition and pinyin doesn’t work in the long run. (Can it be remembered a month later?) When you forget what you’ve learned, you’d have to relearn it. This is very slow and ineffective.

So, in order to make you learn effectively, we’ve spent years developing techniques that stick the language firmly in your brain.

5. It’s Good And Easy For Your Brain


Why do babies learn things so effortlessly? Would you like to learn like them?

With this approach, Mandarin will be one of the easiest languages you’ll ever learn. Our fun-filled, brain-based techniques have been proven time and time again by our learners, who succeed at Mandarin. You will be able to speak and read Chinese spontaneously and naturally!

Our founder, Grace Khoong, has a comprehensive knowledge on the human brain. She has done comprehensive researches on the right brain. As a result, the Speed Mandarin program uses right brain learning principles that causes you to learn easily, just like a child.

Comparison Chart


Speed Mandarin

Conventional methods

1. Designation principles

Based on brain science research

Mandarin teacher’s experience

2. Uniqueness

Pictograms, non-romanized


3. Method

Brain-friendly methods

Pure memorization

4. Speed of learning

10 times faster than conventional methods

Very slow

5. Effectiveness

Learners pick up the language on the spot and can speak & read right after the first session

Learners take 20 hours to 1 month just to familiarize themselves with Mandarin tones and grammar

6. Consequences

Learners learn continuously with great passion and confidence

Learners are frustrated and feel like giving up

7. Availability

The only Mandarin program in the world that uses brain-compatible methods

Most teaching centers use a similar Romanized method

Whatever race, ethnicity, or age, Speed Mandarin works!

Some people who come to us have tried to learn before but had an unpleasant experience.

Don’t worry; try it again with us! You will no longer have to feel like pulling your hair out trying to learn Mandarin. We have spent years developing our system for you to learn Mandarin easily and fast.

After Our Classes, You Will Be Able To:

  • Read Mandarin fluently
  • Understand and recognize the characters
  • Speak  fluently in daily conversations
  • Master the 4 tones
  • Translate from Mandarin to English, and vice versa
  • Develop the ability to pick up characters on your own

Videos of Our Learners Reading Mandarin

Formerly Mandarin-illiterate, they have picked up Mandarin.

Click here to see more videos.

I am interested. What should I do next?

Thank you for your interest! Do sign up for our course. You are fully protected by a 100% money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying out our highly effective course.

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About The Founder

Grace Khoong is a dedicated trainer. She gets learners to learn so easily that they can’t thank her enough.

Truly, her program is highly effective due to her character as a passionate and dedicated researcher. She managed to develop a system to teach her son to read Mandarin (and English), since age 1.

Grace's Son Reading Mandarin Age 3

In fact, Grace is a graduate in Biochemistry (minoring in nutrition)...

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Our Videos

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Muhammad Yussaini reading Mandarin

Malay lady reading Mandarin after 2 hours of Speed Mandarin class


What are your fees?

Group course: RM1850/person
One-on-one course: RM4988
Trial class: FREE!

Do I need to bring my own group?

If you have your own group, your group is most welcome to join! At least 2 people (including yourself) are needed to form a group.

If you are alone, it's alright. Just come, and we'll fit you into the most suitable group.

Am I grouped with students of similar ability?

Yes. We do our best to group you with people with similar ability because we want to ensure the other person doesn't slow you down. There are 3 groups that we come across:

- Totally new to the language.
- Has some background.
- Can speak fluently but doesn't read.

If you fit into any one of the above, come and join us.

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