Speed Mandarin Corporate Training

Speed Mandarin provides corporate training for companies who want to train their employees to speak, read, and communicate in Mandarin.

We can come to your office to train your staff. In just 12 lessons, they will be able to speak and read Mandarin very proficiently!

We can train any employee, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background. Make an inquiry today!

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Corporate Training

We at Speed Mandarin want to help your employees to learn Mandarin so they can strengthen rapport with customers, build up their confidence, and ultimately convey an excellent image for the company.

The Course

The course contains 12 lessons, and each lesson ranges from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Below is a chart describing the frequency and the resulting duration of the course.

Frequency Finish in
1x/week 12 weeks / 3 months
2x/week 6 weeks / 1.5 months
3x/week 4 weeks / 1 month

corporate-still.jpgAfter the course, your employees will be able to understand around 270 of the most common characters, which multiply into thousands of words. Your staff will be able to speak, read, and communicate in Mandarin fluently during and after the course.

Course Materials

For the whole course, we provide:

  • 12 sets of Mandarin Character flashcards
  • 12 sets of textbooks and study materials
  • 12 read-aloud DVDs with characters on-screen
  • 12 read-aloud CDs


For the location, there are 2 options. We can come over to your office, or you can come over to our centre.

Speed Mandarin

Speed Mandarin is 10 times faster than conventional Mandarin. Teaching around 270 characters in 12 hours is quite a feat, considering the difficulty of Mandarin as a second language. (Even Michael Phelps said, “Mandarin was harder than winning gold“.)

We use brain-based principles and techniques instead of the conventional pure memorization.


Speed Mandarin

Conventional methods

1. Designation principles

Brain-compatible principles

Mandarin teacher’s experience

2. Uniqueness

Pictograms, non-romanized


3. Method

Total sensual response

Pure memorization

4. Speed of learning

10 times faster than conventional methods

Very slow

5. Effectiveness

Learners pick up the language on the spot and can speak & read right after the first session

Learners take 20 hours to 1 month just to familiarize themselves with Mandarin

6. Consequences

Learners learn continuously with great passion and confidence

Learners are frustrated and feel like giving up

7. Availability

The only Mandarin program in the world that uses brain-compatible methods

Most teaching centers use a similar Romanized method

To read more about how Speed Mandarin can help you learn Mandarin effectively, click here.

Our Fees

The original fee for each student is RM1850. However, because we want to encourage companies to take up this priceless skill, we are able to give discounts for large groups of students. Contact us for a quotation today!

Money-Back Guarantee Policy
100 percent money back guarantee

Because we are confident that our methods are effective, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We will give you a full refund if you decide not to continue after the first lesson.

Free Trial Class

We can provide a free, non-obligatory trial class for your company. You and your employees will experience what it’s like to learn Mandarin fast, easily, effectively, and of course, with lots of fun!
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We look forward to teaching your employees this priceless skill.

About The Founder

Grace Khoong is a dedicated trainer. She gets learners to learn so easily that they can’t thank her enough.

Truly, her program is highly effective due to her character as a passionate and dedicated researcher. She managed to develop a system to teach her son to read Mandarin (and English), since age 1.

Grace's Son Reading Mandarin Age 3

In fact, Grace is a graduate in Biochemistry (minoring in nutrition)...

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Our Videos

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Muhammad Yussaini reading Mandarin

Malay lady reading Mandarin after 2 hours of Speed Mandarin class


What are your fees?

Group course: RM1850/person
One-on-one course: RM4988
Trial class: FREE!

Do I need to bring my own group?

If you have your own group, your group is most welcome to join! At least 2 people (including yourself) are needed to form a group.

If you are alone, it's alright. Just come, and we'll fit you into the most suitable group.

Am I grouped with students of similar ability?

Yes. We do our best to group you with people with similar ability because we want to ensure the other person doesn't slow you down. There are 3 groups that we come across:

- Totally new to the language.
- Has some background.
- Can speak fluently but doesn't read.

If you fit into any one of the above, come and join us.

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