How to Claim HRDF

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

The Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) a.k.a. Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) has established a number of financial grant categories for Training and Upgrading of Skills. A company can apply for financial assistance under the “Skim Bantuan Latihan” (SBL Scheme). The amount of financial assistance given is 80% to 100%.

The SBL Scheme is also applies to Speed Mandarin Academy courses. This will reduce the financial investment by the company who obtain training from us, if the company is with HRDF.


1. Fill in form PSMB/PGL/1/09 (You can download the form at PSMB Homepage)

2. Attach relevant supporting documents:-

a. Quotation for Course Fee;
b. Trainer’s biography;
c. Course Contents; and
d. Other related documents, where applicable.

3. Submit completed form to PSMB before the commencement of the training. (Application forms must reach the PSMB office before training commences).

4. Approval or rejection letter will be given within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of application.


1. Fill in form PSMB/T/1/09 (You can download the form at PSMB Homepage)

2. Attach relevant supporting documents:-
a. Receipts;
b. Payment vouchers; and
c. Other related documents, where applicable.

3. Submit completed claim form to the PSMB upon completion of training for reimbursement of “allowable costs”

About The Founder

Grace Khoong is a dedicated trainer. She gets learners to learn so easily that they can’t thank her enough.

Truly, her program is highly effective due to her character as a passionate and dedicated researcher. She managed to develop a system to teach her son to read Mandarin (and English), since age 1.

Grace's Son Reading Mandarin Age 3

In fact, Grace is a graduate in Biochemistry (minoring in nutrition)...

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Muhammad Yussaini reading Mandarin

Malay lady reading Mandarin after 2 hours of Speed Mandarin class


What are your fees?

Group course: RM1850/person
One-on-one course: RM4988
Trial class: FREE!

Do I need to bring my own group?

If you have your own group, your group is most welcome to join! At least 2 people (including yourself) are needed to form a group.

If you are alone, it's alright. Just come, and we'll fit you into the most suitable group.

Am I grouped with students of similar ability?

Yes. We do our best to group you with people with similar ability because we want to ensure the other person doesn't slow you down. There are 3 groups that we come across:

- Totally new to the language.
- Has some background.
- Can speak fluently but doesn't read.

If you fit into any one of the above, come and join us.

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