6 Benefits of Learning Mandarin

If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested to learn Mandarin. Give yourself a pat on the back. We applaud you. Yes, knowing Mandarin is one of the best skills you can have in today’s world.

1. Feel closer to Mandarin-speaking friends & family

Imagine this situation (if you’re a Chinese who doesn’t know Mandarin):

You are back in your hometown for Chinese New Year, and don’t know a Chinese word. You sit there awkwardly while your relatives are chattering away. Suddenly an unknown relative initiates a conversation with you–in Mandarin. What to do?

Well, let me propose the best solution: You point your finger to the opposite direction exclaiming, “What is that?” And while your relative is distracted, quickly run away to avoid embarrassment.

And as soon as you make your escape, quickly walk into a center and sign up for a Mandarin class.

Jokes aside–If your Mandarin-speaking friends, family, and co-workers know that you don’t speak Mandarin, and suddenly one day Mandarin words flow out of your mouth, they would be amazed and feel a level closer to you because you took the step to learn their tongue.

2. Impress your customers & clients (and even your boss!)

A trio of Chinese tourists stopped by a hotel in Malaysia for a stay. As a Malay girl attended them to their room, suddenly she begins to strike up a conversation with them in Mandarin. Boy, did they feel honored and welcomed. You can be sure that the next time these Chinese tourists travel to Malaysia, they would lodge in this hotel again.

Yes, similar to how Mandarin-speaking friends, family, and co-workers will feel closer to you, clients and customers will also feel closer and comfortable with you.

3. Get more job opportunities

If you’re job hunting, knowing Mandarin gives you more opportunities as employers like multilingual people.

“I’m already employed.” If you are, that’s great! Knowing Mandarin will surely boost your career.

In a world where Mandarin is widely spoken, being able to speak Mandarin causes people to favor you because you can connect with more people.

4. Be looked up upon

Mandarin is considered a very hard language. Ask anybody who has tried to learn it, and they’ll respond, “Yes, makes me want to tear my hair out.” If you’re a gold-winning Olympian, you’d probably say, “Mandarin is harder than winning hold.” Michael Phelps said that.

As a result, anybody who manages to pick up Mandarin as a second language will immediately gain the respect of their family, friends, co-workers, bosses, and clients. It’s such a prestigious skill.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks Mandarin, and he amazes Chinese people. (China is Australia’s largest trading partner.)

Although Mandarin is known for being difficult, don’t fret; you’re fortunate to have come across Speed Mandarin, where we can impart Mandarin to you easily, quickly, and effectively. You can then tease your other friends who can’t learn Mandarin. Okay, don’t be so mean. 🙂

5. Communicate with 1 billion people around the globe

Mandarin has about 1 billion native speakers; it ranks #1 in the list of languages with the most number of native speakers, even more than English.

And as we all know, China’s economy is huge and growing. If you know Mandarin, you can tap into a giant economy; you’ve just opened a door to countless opportunities and possibilities waiting for you.

(It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations, signifying its importance.)

6. Boost your intelligence

Economics and communication aside, Mandarin really is a beautiful language.

Chinese culture is thousands of years old, and it is really interesting.

Chinese characters are pictographic and ideographic in design. They are symbols that represent their meaning. Also, Mandarin is a very concise language.  The 3,500 most frequently used characters form more than 1,000,000 words, the meanings of which are closely related to the characters they are formed from.

For example, 人 (human) and 大 (big) can form into 大人 (adult) and 人人 (everybody).

Learning Mandarin is so fun, exciting, and novel. So, when you learn Mandarin, your intelligence will be increased tremendously.

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